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Taxonomy Overflight

The taxonomy Overflight makes it easy to keep up with what's new about a subset of the companies ArnoldIT monitors.

Overflight is an internal tool developed by ArnoldIT.com to monitor certain content. The methodology grew over a period of time and now includes a number of separate functions combined into one Overflight service. This is a demonstration project at this time. Although we have used the system for client engagements such as the Threat Open Source Information Gateway (www.tosig.com), this is the first public access to the system.

The content for the public version of Overflight is drawn when you click the link for a company from:

  • RSS news
  • Moreover news
  • Blogs
  • YouTube

Each company Overflight page includes a 35 word description of the company, a link to the vendor's main Web site, and a cost indication (Low, Mid Range, High End) and an ArnoldIT.com rating of one to five geese. The rating represents the opinion of ArnoldIT.com and it is based on the company's work in search and content processing. Your "rating" and cost experience may differ from the opinion expressed in this free service. If you want to grouse or send a comment, write seaky2000 at yahoo dot com.

Stephen E. Arnold, 2012

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