SEO: Remediation / Reengineering

A Twice-Yearly Process: Web Site Health Check and Technical Roadmap Update

Remediation analysis and reengineering may be needed to achieve a high ranking.

Click the image above to go to Google. Enter “Arnoldit” in the search box. What is Arnold IT’s ranking for that query? Now repeat the query using “Infonortics” as the search string. What is this firm’s ranking the query. Both firms have high rankings because their Web sites have been engineered to make the most of these organization’s content and the technology on which both sites run.

Most Web sites undergo modest change. A surprising number mentioned by NEC researchers in 2004 is that as many as 40 percent of the billions of Web sites never have a change made to them. The search portals know which sites change and do not change. Every Web site can be improved. Yahoo makes minor changes to its splash page frequently. Figuring out what to change what modifications must be made to the technology used for a Web site is an important exercise for any Web master. Some adjustments needed to move a site up in rankings cannot be made within available resource constraints unless the underlying framework of the Web site and its technology are matched to what the Web master wants to accomplish. Bad engineering means that no amount of “tweaking” can improve a site’s ranking without updating technology and in some instances going back to square one.

ArnoldIT’s professionals can work with organizations of any size to help answer questions about a Web site’s technology, content, and “face” presented to the indexing spiders operated by Google, MSN, Yahoo, and such newcomers as Exalead. Our approach is efficient, reliable, and economical. A basic analysis costs less than $1,000. The questions we answer include:

  1. Is our Web site technology appropriate for our present Web site?
  2. What technology do we need to meet our future requirements?
  3. What technology options make the most sense for a particular organization?
  4. What is the cost range for the remediation steps identified?
  5. What other changes will we have to make? Change hosting companies, learn new software, or some other action?

If you want to know about our reengineering and remediation services, please, send us an e-mail. Better yet, call. There is no charge for a preliminary discussion.

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