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Only match whole words provides a range of rich media services. For organizations wanting an audio or video podcast about their products or services, can plan, write, produce, publicize, and promote the program.

This page provides a selection of the programs created by the team.


The audio programs carry the lead in, professionals guiding the discussion, and the participants providing their view of particular issues, topics, or business challenges. Check out the podcasts.


The video programs can be created in the form of news programs or product demonstrations. At this time, video programs are posted on

You can view from a pair of series produced by


The audio programs can be hosted by the client or hosted on a third party service such PodBean.


Podcasts, including writing and producing, begin at $350 per 12 minute show. Videos shot at the facility in Louisville, Kentucky, begin at $1,000 per eight minute video. Costs can be more accurately estimated once we know your specific requirements.

Checklist of Services

  • Planning and development
  • Writing
  • Producing
  • Publicizing
  • Backlinking

Special Service

Rich media services gain impact. can produce a custom Web log and publicize that Web log in's existing marketing vehicles; for example, the Beyond Search blog, custom white papers, and email notifications.

For more information, send email to

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