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The same data in a flat file
Here’s what XML looks like
Key concepts:
XML is a simple technology which allows programs to talk to each other meaningfully The impact of XML will probably be as big or bigger than the impact PCs had when they were introduced.
Key concepts:
Simple standards stack
Internet – lowest cost way to move bits, broadest reach, deepest investment
XML – W3C standard
SOAP – W3C effort
UDDI – open, founded by MS, IBM, Ariba, over 200 members
Easy integration, distributed control
Vendor, platform, language neutral
Key concepts:
.NET is Microsoft’s software platform for the XML Web services environment
Continuous delivery of value is the goal of software services
Software services also make it possible to tailor software to companies and individual users .NET will make building, deploying, operating, and aggregating XML Web services easy
Key concepts:
BizTalk Server gives us an XML-based way to make integration (and business process orchestration) easier, cheaper, and faster