Leveraging Content
Fall Internet World
New York
23 October  2000

This is the basic Web content presentation for 2000.
The main difference between versions of the talk are the examples.

What We’ll Cover
The link between content and commerce
Technologies driving the fusion
Nine aspects of content management with examples
Next steps

A Corporate Content Portal

Mercata: Content Plus Group Buying

Strong Winds Blowing
Awareness expanding: upwards (management), downwards, and outwards
New users want rich media
Solutions, not separate programs
Easy-to-use “wizards” open access
Prices drop; capacity up (chips, bandwidth, data richness)
XML / HXML create “manipulable content”
Wireless, pervasive network

What’s Content?
Textual information about products, people
Numeric information
Metadata — information about information

What’s Content Management?
New buzz word
Umbrella covering multiple functions
Way to package different types of software in one, often $100,000 plus “solution”

CM Orienting Facts
Costs range from low $30,000 (nCompass) to more than $100,000 plus (Vignette)
Time to set up ranges from 15 days to six months or more
Staff must use tools; otherwise, CM system fails
No silver bullet – a complex tool to manage sites with dynamic content and multiple users

Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Format

The Control Panel

Web Control 1: Editor

WYSIWIG Web Page Editor

WYSIWIG Web Page Editor

Web Control 2: Database Engine

Database Engine

Web Control 3: Document Mgmt.

Document Management

Summary of 1st Three Functions
Web page editor -- make pages
Database backend -- stores
Document management -- tracks

Enhanced Function 1: Personalization

Personalization Tools

Personalization Tools

Enhanced Function 2: Site Fixes

Site Manipulation Tools

Enhanced Function 3: Search Engine

Search Engine

Web Sleuth: Term Expansion

Summary of 2nd Three Functions
Personalization -- sticky
Site repairs / substitutions -- maintenance and changes
Search-and-retrieve -- access and locate

Metatools Function 1: Plumbing

Administration Interfaces

Metatools Function 2: Usage Tracking

Usage Tracking

Metatools Function 2: Usage Tracking

Security Services

Summary of 2nd Three Functions
Administrative interface -- fill-in-the-blanks and point-and-click changes
Usage tracking -- user profiles and data mining
Security -- access to site, access to specific content and functions

On the Horizon: Video / Audio
Excalibur Technologies
Media Access Technologies (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Yahoo’s! Personalization System
Clean, easy-to-understand design
Customization tools
Updates delivered every 15 minutes

Yahoo Personalized with Video

Players in Personalized Portals

Content Strategy — A Must Have
Database and XML (XHTML) friendly
Reduce risk of copyright or licensing violation
Reduce costs of site management and maintenance
Greater flexibility in handling rich, multi-media content
Garden “content ecology”

Our Team Can …
Make content the catalyst for a sticky site
Integrate aggregated content so it works like a magnet
Help engineer a competitive “wall”
Create spider “food” – indexing depends on content

Arnold Information Technology
Founded in 1991, staff of eight full-time consultants and more than 25 part-time consultants
Provides technology assessment and information engineering services
Recent projects:
One of the founders of the Point Internet service (“Top 5% of the ‘Net), sold to Lycos in 1995
Competitive intelligence profiles of 40 information companies
Builder of Talavara e-mail man-
agement system

Arnold Information Technology
Online yellow pages strategy for a Regional Bell Operating Company (service now deployed)
Electronic publishing work flow and system engineering for a major technical publishing firm
Market research about interactive services among leading scientists and engineers.
Business and technical market studies.
Stephen Arnold
502-228-1966, voice
502-228-0548, facsimile