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Surf on Google, Don’t Fight It

Louisville, KY – Internationally renowned search expert and technology analyst, Stephen E. Arnold is dropping more nuggets than his briefcase can hold from his upcoming book Google: The Calculating Predator. The author of 2004’s The Google Legacy will share what he sees as major opportunities in social search, human intermediated search and smarter meaning-based search at Web 2.0’s iBreakfast in New York City on July 26th. The big question is, “Is there still a way to profit from search?” He has an answer that suggests there are billions to be had in making information accessible.

Stephen’s remarks at the upcoming iBreakfast will concentrate, in part, on the surprisingly aggressive change in tactics Google made when shifting from its Appliance approach to network-centric enterprise applications. Google’s potent distributed computing platform blurs the line between general search and true enterprise applications such as value-added processing, analytics and data services. As Stephen will further explain “It’s easy and popular to focus on Google’s ad revenue and its 70 percent plus share of worldwide Web searches, but there are real dollars Google is going after moves beyond Microsoft to the more lucrative revenue streams controlled by IBM, Oracle and telecommunications companies. Google has squeezed the consumer search sector, and now it is targeting the enterprise. Competitors will have to find ways to surf on Google, not be swamped by its waves of innovations.”

Stephen’s analysis notes, “One most interesting move can benefit free Gmail users and signal companies that Google is serious about security. Google’s recent purchase of Postini, a back office vendor of spam and email solutions. Postini also has a patent portfolio of nine interesting inventions, more than 30,000 business customers and dozens of ISPs who use Postini to create mail, filter spam, and implement security services resold to thousands more small, mid and large sized businesses.”

For years Stephen has referred to Google as Googzilla and espouses that it’s increasingly clear Google is more than search. “Google is a different type of online company that few appreciate or fully understand beyond its ad revenue.” Stephen offers some sound bites of his realistic appraisal that is essential for search vendors and enterprise software vendors, along with other players, to be aware of as 2008 looms near.

He says, “Fighting Google is risky. Developing systems and solutions that take advantage of the disruption Google causes is the way to generate money from new content and search technologies.”

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